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It is possible to get a loan of 500 rubles and for this purpose do not apply to banks. Small loans, these are products of microfinance organizations and these companies are ready to help out in such cases. Get money quickly, and for this you don’t even have to leave the house.

500 rubles is a tiny amount even for microfinance organizations, therefore not every company will be ready to provide a loan of such a limit. When choosing an MFI, review the information on minimum disbursement limits.

More often, these limits start from 1000 rubles, but sometimes MFIs do not set minimum limits on lending limits.

Getting a loan of 500 rubles is not a problem. Thousands of microfinance organizations operate on the market. A significant number of companies specialize in online loans, which are issued even for tiny amounts.

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PLN 2,000 loan for new customers – PLN 2,000 a minute

The main new features in manyporfel are the increased limit of loans for new customers, currently 2,000 PLN and up to 5,000 PLN for people who have already used the company’s offer before. Manyporfel offer is definitely one of the most interesting offers of payday loans, which has recently appeared on the domestic loan market. […]

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